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The Demon Hotel located on Hargrave Street in Winnipeg has a terrifying history.  And a terrifying present.  The old crumbling vacant building is said to be not only haunted, but possessed itself. Former tenants of the building were purportedly driven to delusional insanity and eventual suicide by evil powers that pervade the edifice.  Contractors that were brought in to renovate the building were driven out by “apparitions and screams from the depths of hell itself.”

Recently a photo was taken of a tortured soul peering out from the building.

This was enough to get the renown, preeminent, highly esteemed, venerable and acerbic demonology historian Nad Deen to investigate.  Together with medium Chuck Nimrod and vociferous atheist Mel Ryan, Nad went into the concrete structure on a search and exorcism operation.

What they experienced was so dreadful that it took a week before they could talk about it.  The hideous screams and horrendous apparitions caused the audacious team to flee after only being in the building for fifteen minutes.  All Nad would say is “we need better preparation, maybe some priests, a rabbi and a couple nuns.”  Chuck was overheard saying that he will not go back in there unless he has eight litres of holy water.  Mel was still trying to find some earthbound reasons behind the paranormal activity.  But Mel did say that whoever is behind this is very good at what they do.

One of the most profound discoveries were encounters with demonic raccoons.  Raccoons inhabit the neighbourhood and must have found a way in to the decrepid building.  The pungent evil in the building must have penetrated into the very being of the raccoons.  Although the team members were attacked no one was bitten.  Nad suggested they bring an animal control specialist armed with bear spray, and maybe a flame thrower, on the next expedition.

The discovery of the possessed raccoons has caused Nad Deen to surmise that the infamous Chupacabra may not be from outer space after all.  He contends it could be an ordinary creature such as a wolverine or coyote possessed by a demonic force. 

The resolute team is preparing for another incursion into the evil edifice in the near future.  This time to rid the Demon Hotel of the dark and displeased forces that dwell there!  Also try to slay one of those coons.

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2 responses to “Demon Hotel exorcism unsuccessful.

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  1. Excellent Markosun, and a valuable public service you are doing by warning people of Deamon Hotel… Hell’s franchise location in downtown Winnipeg. I’ll be sure to refer people to this post!

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