Demon Hotel bizarreness erupts again   Leave a comment

The evil vibrations have re-surfaced at the infamous Demon Hotel on Hargrave street in Winnipeg.  Strange appiritions were photographed girating on the roof of the edifice.  Four orange ones with a dancing black figure in the middle.  What these are only Pazuzu knows. 


The taker of the photos immediately contacted legendary Winnipeg free lance photographer and paranormal investigator Edgar Rubinstein.  After slugging back a mickey of southern comfort Edgar climbed the delapidated fire escape of the Demon Hotel and entered the Hellish sanctuary. 

After having to ward off 2 rabid raccoons with elephant spray, Edgar came across 2 apparitions that caused such fear in the very soul of Edgar, that even the southern comfort could not alleviate the panic.  Edgar got 2 amazing photos from the top floor of the brick hell-hole and then left.


Afterward Edgar said that he had never come across such horrid evil miscreation in all of his 54 years as a photographer.  But this episode will not sway the brave at heart.  Renown paranormal investigators Nad Deen and Mel Nick Ryan, backed up by kickboxer Pauly Stutsman are planning another assault on the Demon hotel.  The battle between bad and evil is about to begin.  Stay tuned.

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