2012 Doomsday Paranoids are going underground   1 comment


There are some people that just have too much time on their hands.  They let their imaginations run wild and start contemplating the End Times.  Then they communicate with other people of the same ilk who are also interested in the subject, and before long group reinforcement causes these paranoids to believe the end is coming, and coming fast.

They are not quite sure what is coming, but whatever it is, it’s going to be real badass.  It could be an asteroid, a tsunami, nuclear war, anarchy and the breakdown of society, famine, the rapture or an invasion by malevolent space aliens.  Whichever one of these calamities occurs, the paranoids are going underground.

In the United States there are many companies that have built underground survival shelters of all shapes and sizes.  From single family bunkers to massive ones that can hold a thousand people and support them for up to a year.  The single family private shelters cost millions of dollars.  If you are a blue collar worker you will have to rely on the sewer system when the space aliens start zapping the cities with death beams.  Getting a spot in the giant shelters is also going to put a hole in your wallet.  Getting a reservation in a big shelter costs in the range of $250,000.  But then there is high-definition big screen TV and tread mills provided.  As well as all the clean air, food and water you will need for up to a year.  But if the space aliens decide to occupy the earth, I wouldn’t want to come up anytime soon.

One of the bigger doomsday shelter companies is Vivos.  Below are some diagrams of the company’s shelters.




People that are introverts and like to be alone and have space to themselves should maybe find a cave instead.


The promotional images on the Vivos site intend to make people think Armageddon is a real and present danger.


Not all doomsday paranoids look as eccentric as this apocalyptic hillbilly.  But all of their belief systems must be as ridiculous and crazy as Mad Max pictured below.



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