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That bastion of evil in downtown Winnipeg known as the Demon Hotel is still infested with evil entities.  Renovations at the hotel were again abruptly halted after workers were spooked out of their wits.  Demonic clowns and evil looking specters continue to haunt the edifice located between Broadway and Assiniboine on Hargrave street.

Since the workers aren’t doing a decent job on the renovations, the owner is thinking of bringing in Mike Holmes from Holmes on Homes fame, to finish the job.  The big brutish Holmes doesn`t spook easily said the owner.  He will confront those demons with his jack hammer and rotary saw.  No buggering around with this guy.


Mike Holmes


The owner, whose named is being withheld for legal reasons, brought in a Cardinal from the Vatican to try to exorcise the evil spirits.  His holiness Dominika Pontifallini was in the Hotel for less than an hour when something came over him.  Then his face transformed into a grotesque demonic grimace.  The cardinal fought back and expunged the demon from his very soul.  After he regained his composure Pontifallini jumped into his limousine and took the first flight back to Rome.



The Demon Hotel


Intrepid independent photo-journalist Pappy Marsden drank a few glasses of scotch and then scoured the Hotel for evidence.  Pappy got what he was looking for.  In his 62 years as a photo-journalist Pappy said he never experienced the horror and terror that engulfed the back of his neck and spine as was the case at the Demon Hotel.  Pappy is considering retirement since the dreadful experience.  At age 84 Pappy still thinks he has a few wars left to cover, but he will be taking a long vacation in Victoria, B.C. before he resumes his newshound journey.


Pappy`s pictures



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  1. I used to live directly across the street from that bldg. The only thing I saw coming & going from that place was super-model babes! That place was a hot chick factory!

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