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The cities of the western Canadian prairies experience a lot of sun.  They get very cold weather in the winter, but it is a sunny cold.  Blankets of white snow on a sunny crisp day can be very pleasing to the eye.

The big megalopolis cities of the east get a lot of sun also.  But the hundreds of thousands of cars criss crossing on the giant freeways create choking smog on humid days.

Vancouver has been called one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but don’t forget your umbrella when you go outside.  Plenty of rain on the west coast.

Below is a list of the sunniest cities in Canada from Environment Canada.


Average number of hours of bright sunshine a year in major Canadian cities.
City Hours
Calgary, Alberta 2405
Winnipeg, Manitoba 2372
Regina, Saskatchewan 2338
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 2329
Edmonton, Alberta 2299
Victoria, British Columbia 2193
Hamilton, Ontario 2088
Ottawa, Ontario 2061
Barrie, Ontario 2055
Toronto, Ontario 2038










Average number of days annually with some bright sunshine.
City Days
Calgary, Alberta 333
Edmonton, Alberta 321
Regina, Saskatchewan 321
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 320
Winnipeg, Manitoba 318
Victoria, British Columbia 317
Windsor, Ontario 307
Kelowna, British Columbia 306
Montréal, Quebec 304
Barrie, Ontario 303
Ottawa, Ontario 303
Toronto, Ontario 303





Percentage of daylight hours that are sunny
City % sunshine
Calgary, Alberta 53
Winnipeg, Manitoba 51
Regina, Saskatchewan 50
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 50
Edmonton, Alberta 49
Victoria, British Columbia 46
Hamilton, Ontario 45
Ottawa, Ontario 45
Montréal, Quebec 44
Toronto, Ontario 44







Vancouver is Canada’s third most rainy city, with over 161 rainy days per year. As measured at Vancouver airport in Richmond, Vancouver receives 1154.7 mm of rain per year. By comparison, the amount of rainfall in London, England is nearly half that of Vancouver. In North Vancouver, about 20 km away from the Vancouver airport, the amount of rain received doubles to 2477 mm per year as measured at the base of Grouse Mountain.







Hot, humid day in Canada’s biggest city, Toronto







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  1. You should honestly consider adding a subscribe bar in your menu… I’m sure you’ll get more subscribers than you’d expect! 😀

  2. Bah! Yes, the physical environment of Greater Victoria and Vancouver Island Canada is very beautiful and that is it. Look and dig a little deeper and you will discover a people and culture (economic, social, political) this is self centred, stuck up, arrogant, cold, aloof, unfriendly, superficial, limited, limiting, and cliquey. It must be the British Columbia cultural attitudes? Victoria is a great place to live or visit if you happen to be free of working for a living, wealthy, and you bring your own money, family, and friends with you as you will never find any there. Read the other people’s comments on, (Victoria, BC, Canada),,, Better Business Bureaus, Yahoo Answers, “Why Some Immigrants Leave Canada”, and others.

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