South-Central Manitoba: Ungulates Galore and More!   Leave a comment

Ungulate: A hoofed mammal, such as a horse, pig, deer, buffalo, or antelope, belonging to the former order Ungulata, now divided into several orders including Artiodactyla and Perissodactyla.

I just went for a trip to South-Central Manitoba and got the opportunity to see domestic ungulates, Sheep and Cattle, semi-domesticated ungulates, Bison, and to my amazing luck, wild ungulates, namely Moose!

Sheep herd near Swan Lake



Foliage is changing colours


Cattle near Roseisle

windmill cows

Bison on the Swan Lake First Nation

swan lake bison

swan lake bison1

By chance I came across two moose south of Somerset. Moose are not at all common in the area and it is a rare chance to come across the big brutes.

They were grazing in a slough and then ran away to re-emerge onto the road. See video below.



They bolted into full gallop and wow could they move! The pair appeared to be quite young.


Swan Lake

swan lake

swan lake1

swan lake2

swan lake3

swan lake4

Bales and abandoned farmyard near Somerset

windmill bales

windmill bales1

Somerset hilltop cemetery

windmill graveyard

Great Sky

windmill homewood

windmill sky

windmill sky1


Giant wind turbines near Altamont




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