Only from Japan can something this bizarre emerge   1 comment

Japan’s Biggest Metal Band Features Two Underaged Girls and a Bearded, Cross-Dressing Singer


Ladybaby has only been a band since May, when a Japanese impresario decided to combine two teenage J-pop aspirants with the cross-dressing Australian metalhead, who he spotted on the cover of a wrestling magazine. The resulting band combines the dark and furious intensity of screamo metal with the saccharine sweetness of Japan’s kawaii culture. It’s a merger that has rocketed the band to stardom almost overnight. Their latest single ” Nippon Manju” has racked up nearly nine million YouTube views in just three months and the group is about to go on its first world tour. A top comment by one viewer neatly sums up the general reaction to Ladybaby: “At first I was like wtf, but I love the combination ❤ I’m addicted.”

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One response to “Only from Japan can something this bizarre emerge

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  1. How asinine. Does that little girl know she is flashing the sign of Satan? People think it means other things, and it may, but originally it is the sign of Satan and works out very well as it is ignorantly used and Mr S is probably very pleased with the deception.

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