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The haunted old brick edifice on Hargrave Street in Winnipeg known as the Demon Hotel burned to the ground last April. Many paranormal investigators figured that the horror associated with the building may have been expunged forever.  It appears this is not the case.  Renown paranormal investigators Nad Deane and Mel Ryan were alerted that strange noises and disgusting smells were emanating from the site.



The Fire made headlines



Official police reports contend that a group of juvenile delinquents were responsible for setting the fire.  However, credible sources purport that the fire began as an exorcism was underway to cleanse the place of demons and spectres.

Current site, great big weed patch.



Nad and Mel investigated the site, but nothing out of the ordinary was sensed, seen or smelled.  Nonetheless reports kept being emailed to Nad’s Demon Hotel website,  Nad and Mel Ryan decided to set up a 24 hour 7 days a week hidden camera to monitor the weed patch.  Nothing was observed, not counting homeless vagrants stumbling through the patch, until 2 days ago.  What was photographed is unexplainable, hideous, horrific and downright out-of-this-world!

Warning: photo below may be shocking to sensitive individuals.



Some type of Demon Weed manifested from the patch. As quickly as it arose out of the weeds, it simply melted back into the foliage.  Mel Ryan, while scanning all hidden camera photos from that day, noticed a cat roaming through the weed patch just seconds before this vine monster broke through. Was this unspeakable hellion plant entity trying to eat a cat!  The images that idea stirs up are disgusting and repugnant to the point of making a person vomit vehemently.

The creepy supernatural herbage must be a remnant evil spirit from the Demon Hotel that must nest under the unkempt weed patch.  The irresponsible owners of the property will have to consider getting in contact with Exorcists again. The horror!

If you look across the street in the above photo, the reddish building is the Tremblay Apartments. Reports have surfaced recently that the Tremblay building has been taken over by evil spectres.

Tremblay Apartments


The malevolent reverberations from the Demon Hotel site have transited in a phantasm form and penetrated the loathsome looking Tremblay apartments. 

The Tremblay has quite a history.  It was first built in 1902 as a large 3 story house.  The Tremblay family were a group of eccentrics who it was rumoured smoked opium and indulged in witchcraft.  As the years went by the family members all went insane.  Most of them died in the Selkirk Lunatic Asylum except for the patriarch, Antonis Tremblay.  He committed suicide in the root cellar by driving nails into his own head with a sledge-hammer.

In 1932 an addition was constructed to the back of the Tremblay, a large apartment structure was put up attached to the old house in the front. 

In 1962 the last family moved out of the front house structure of the Tremblay.  The mother of that family just said there were too many strange noises and extremely foul odours would emanate from the cellar.

Ever since only the back apartment area has been rented to tenants.  But recently those tenants have started to complain about heinous smells, cold breezes and negative vibrations that wake them in the middle of the night.  We reached the landlord of the Tremblay, Johnny Mangina. 

Mr. Mangina spent a night in an apartment and a night in the old house section of the Tremblay investigating the strange phenomena.  He is now convinced something very spooky is going on.

When reached for comment Mr. Mangina had this to say: ” First I have deadbeat tenants who can’t come up with the rent on the first of the month, then I have to replace 2 water heaters and upgrade the boiler, and now I have bloody phantoms penetrating the damn building.  With rent controls the way they are in this province combined with all these problems, how in the hell is a businessman suppose to make a buck?”

Just last week a photographer for a real-estate firm captured a stirring image of what can only be described as an ‘Old Demonic Hag.”  The photographer, who will remain nameless, said he has had the most hideous nightmares since the encounter.

Warning: photo below may be shocking to nervous individuals.


Where will this bloodcurdling and spine-tingling demonic phenomena take us?

Lets all take a moment and pray together. And does anybody know an Exorcist that has worked with plants?

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  1. Thank you Markosun for once again informing the public of the dangerous paranormal entities that hide in our midst.

    Paranormal observer

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