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Time to tally up 3 of the all time best “boogeymen” in horror kills: Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhees, and Michael Myers. I’m not going to be including the recent remakes for these guys because… THEY SUCK!!! Freddy’s isn’t out yet but by the looks of his new face… it ain’t lookin’ to hot.

So let’s start off with the Springwood slasher. Of course I speak of that glove wearing, fedora snapping, burn victim we all love- Freddy Kruger.


  • Nightmare on Elm Street
    Total Kills -5
    Best kill- Johnny Depp(if you doubt me watch this flick again).
  • Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge
    Total kills-16
    Best kill- That Mean ass Coach who gets whipped to death in the school showers.(and he didn’t even drop the soap!)
  • Nightmare 3: Dream Warriors
    Total kills- 8
    Best kill: When Freddy says his best line. “Welcome to prime time bitch” and pounds that blondes head into the t.v.(classic)
  • Nightmare 4: Dream Master
    Total kills- 6
    Best kill: The Roach Motel(God I love this one!)
  • Nightmare 5: Dream Child
    Total kills- 3
    Best kill: Cyberpunk on motorcycle
  • Nightmare 6: Freddy’s Dead
    Total kills- 3
    Best kill: Let’s Trip out…you know which one I mean…uh ha ha uh ha
  • Nightmare 7: New Nightmare
    Total kills- 4
    Best kill: Skin the Cat aka Baby sitter on ceiling
  • Freddy vs. Jason
    Total kills- 1(pathetic I know)
    Best kill: Message burned into back

Grand total 46 kills (not bad for a burn victim).

Next we go to a very psychotic, unstoppable killer, Michael Myers and the Halloween series.



  • Halloween
    Total kills- 5
    Best kill: Linda and the phone chord of death
  • Halloween 2
    Total kills 9
    Best kill: Hot tub o Love (and Death)
  • Halloween 3
    Michael wasn’t even in this damn picture!!!
  • Halloween 4: Return of Michael Myers
    Total kills 16
    Best kill: Shotgun threw chest
  • Halloween 5: Revenge of Michael Myers
    Total kills 12
    Best kill: Radio disc jokey hung in tree (its raining red)
  • Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers
    Total kills 13
    Best kill: Jamie Loyd on tractor
  • Halloween H20
    Total kills 6
    Best kill: ice skate to face
  • Halloween: Resurrection
    Total kills 10
    Best kill: Jenna Danzig( love the name) gets head thrown down stairs.

Grand total 71 That’s with over 15 different versions of the original mask and Busta Rhymes doing kung fu… Sad.

I think its time to sit back relax  and have a beer next to the lake…did I mention its Crystal Lake!!! Our good buddy Jason Voorhees is keepin us company on this nice little get away.


  • Friday the 13th
    Total Kills 0 (jason wasn’t even in this film except as a flashback and the very end)
    Best kill: Kevin Bacon getting an arrow threw his neck.
  • Friday the 13th 2
    Total kills 9
    Best kill: Paul he actually never was killed but just disappeared and presumed dead
  • Friday the 13th 3 (3-D)
    Total kills 13
    Best kill: Debbie gets it Double because she’s pregnant when Jason nails her.
  • Friday the 13th 4
    Total kills 13
    Best kill: Tommy Jarvis kills Jason with a Machete to the dome!
  • Friday the 13th 5: Final Chapter
    Total kills 2 (Jason isn’t in this flick except in Tommy Jarvis’s dream)
    Best kill: None
  • Friday the 13th 6: Jason Lives
    Total kills 18
    Best kill: All of them(Jasons pissed!!!)
  • Friday the 13th 7:The New Blood
    Total kills 16
    Best kill: Not really a kill but when Jason gets dragged into the lake by the Blondes Dead dad…I thought it was cool.
  • Friday the 13th 8: Jason takes Manhattan
    Total kills 19 (not including the 20 or so kids who die with the sinking of the ship in the opening scene).
    Best kill: Flying V guitar to the Face tied with Rooftop upper cut.( this dude trys goin toe to toe with Jason and gets his head knocked off…literally!)

Ok now the franchise changes companys and we get the infamous Jason goes to Hell and Jason X( which made no sense and were horrible!!!)Here’s there totals anyway.

  • Jason goes to Hell
    Total kills 24 (This includes people Possessed by Jason). There’s also 5 off screen deaths mentioned.
    Best kill: When the Morgue doctor eats Jasons Heart…mmmmh Tasty.
  • Jason X
    Total kills 25
    Best kill: Sleeping bag to tree
  • Freddy vs Jason
    Total kills 24
    Best kill: Dad Machetted in two.

For a grand total of…164 Kills. Does this guy ever sleep!?!

Ok my ghouls it looks like Freddy is our last place contestant. Michael comes in at a far second place even though he is the father of the modern day slasher (and my personal favorite). So our good ol Mamas boy Jason wins with the most kills…so far.




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