New Era in Canadian Politics as the Inaccessible and Paranoid Stephen Harper gets replaced by a Friendly and Very Public Justin Trudeau   Leave a comment

Stephen Harper was tossed out the door by the Canadian electorate two weeks ago.  The nation had nine years of a very conservative right-wing government.  Harper was slow to trust and quick to take offence, brooding and resentful at times, secretive beyond reason, perhaps the most introverted person ever to seek high office in this country. Harper didn’t hold press conferences and was totally inaccessible to the media.

There are disagreeable aspects to Stephen Harper’s personality. He was prone to mood swings. He could fly off the handle. He would go into funks, sometimes for long periods. He was suspicious of others. The public was aware of these traits mostly through what was written and reported in the media. In public, Harper was almost invariably calm, measured, and careful in what he said and how he said it. Yet none of us, having watched him, have any difficulty believing that this closed, repressed personality was capable of lashing out from time to time. We all get the vibe. His personality would also come out in the tactics that the Conservative Party used against its enemies, both perceived and real – which were, in a word, ruthless.

The media could not approach Harper, he was always surrounded by layers of defences that kept him isolated from the people that voted him in. But now he is gone, and his super-tight security details can put their eagle glares and Uzi machine guns away.

Harper touring the Badlands in Alberta


The new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is comfortable walking into crowds and meeting the media.  This is what democracy is all about. Transparency from the leadership. Open information and honestly answering enquiries from whoever asks the questions. Trudeau is a very welcome breath of fresh air.

Trudeau and the people





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