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The Paris massacre has become the news event of 2015.  And the western media is milking it for everything they can. It looks like CNN has sent half their news department to the French capital.  All the others have followed suit.  Even the Canadian news stations have dispatched all their anchors over to the Gay Paris.  Peter Mansbridge, Lisa Laflamme and even that little strange hen Heather Hiscox from the CBC morning news show is over there.  Everybody in the major North American news industry are taking free trips to Paris and likely staying in very expensive hotels.

The media always over does it.  They will stick to a news story until the ratings polls tell them viewership is receding. Then another horrible event occurs and they charge to it like a herd of hysterical bison.  Media organizations don’t need to send all of their most popular journalists to the scene of the crime.  We know what happened. There is no need to have reporters re-hashing the event over and over.  Talking heads speculating what’s next,and trying to predict what went wrong.  All meaningless babble.

American and Canadian news teams landing in Paris




The CNN big guns




The Paris attacks were unimaginably tragic.  Very low-blow massacre conducted by depraved and delusional reprobates.  The creeps in ISIS make Al Qaeda look like alter boys.  They have to be destroyed.  It will take time, but it will be achieved.  In the meantime, other attacks will probably happen, and the western media organizations will stampede to the sites, especially if the attacks are carried out in cities with great hotels, superb cuisine and lots of police.


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