Calgary Stampeders Mascot Horse “Tuffy” gets into Grey Cup Spirit by getting Plastered in Downtown Winnipeg   Leave a comment

Game Day has arrived. The 103rd Grey Cup game will be played at IGF stadium in Winnipeg today to crown the new champion of the Canadian Football League.  The Ottawa Redblacks will take on the Edmonton Eskimos. Grey Cup weekend is always a ‘Party Hardy’ time.  Booze flows like a river and hang-overs are experienced by many participants.

Mascots are often part of the festivities.  The Calgary Stampeders brought their mascot “Tuffy” the horse to The Peg and the galloper plunged face first into the party action. Tuffy did a bar crawl, or should we say a bar trot, in the downtown area on Saturday.

Tuffy socializing in the lobby of a downtown hotel




Everybody was buying beers for the brown horse.  Tuffy didn’t refuse any free drinks.  The horse can drink a pitcher of the golden ale in 20 seconds!






Tuffy would drink 4-5 pitchers at each watering hole and then trot off to the next one.  After hitting 10 different drinking establishments, that’s about 45 pitchers, Tuffy met it’s match at the infamous Windsor Hotel.  Tuffy downed 10 shooters, then washed it down with 6 pitchers of high test Extra Old Stock.  As the local barflies were cheering Tuffy on, the extremely intoxicated pony keeled over and passed out in the middle of the bar. 

The paramedics were called in and Tuffy was wheeled over to the ambulance.  Tuffy was taken to the Winnipeg Humane Society where she will undergo 3 days of detox.  Tuffy will then be trucked back to Calgary to recuperate.




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