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Some are sprawling while others are packed tight.  Cities of the world differ in a magnitude of ways. Here are some satellite pictures of various cities.

A little over half an inch equals 10 kilometres or 6 miles. Scales are on the bottom right hand corner of the map.

Minneapolis and Chicago

Minni and Chicago

London, England and Ottawa

gimper ottawa london

Beijing and Moscow

gimper beijing and moscow

Notice the area of Moscow on the right is smaller than most cities with approximately 10 million people. The reason for this is the thousands of high-rise apartment buildings in the Russian capital. Moscow has more lift elevators than any city in the world.

Saskatoon and Tokyo

gimper saskatoon and tokyo

Saskatoon on the left has a metro population of 260,000.  Tokyo has a metro population of 38 million!  I guess there is a lot more elbow room in Saskatoon.

Calgary and Vancouver 

gimper vancouver and calgary

Halifax and New York

halifax NY

Winnipeg and Los Angeles

Winnipeg and LA

Winnipeg is about the same size as Compton (LA suburb), and just about as tough.


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