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‘Militarizing police’: Winnipeg buys $343K armoured vehicle for officers


Police spokesman Const. Jason Michalyshen said the service’s tactical team performs some 200 search warrants every year, “many of which involve drugs and weapons, and can result in potentially volatile and dangerous situations for the officers and the community.”

An armoured vehicle will give those officers another tool in dealing with such incidents and will help keep them and their emergency response partners safe, he said.

Winnipeg police Supt. Gord Perrier said police “struggled with the decision” to purchase it and are aware of the militarization criticism.

“We’re dealing with operations and at the end of the day we have officers and members of the public that are put at great peril during those operations and putting a monetary value on life is very difficult.”

However, Cormier said he couldn’t think of any time in recent years that such a vehicle would have been helpful.

“Certainly an armoured vehicle of some sort will protect police officers while they are inside it, but at some point the police will have to engage with a person or persons that they are looking to apprehend,” he said. “So unless they’re prepared to remain inside the vehicle and use the gun ports to conduct an armed battle with someone or several people, I don’t see on a regular basis how that will be a great deal of use.”

Do the Winnipeg police really need this?  It’s not like we have barricaded serial killers ready to blast at cops with AK-47’s.


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