Meet ‘Drinky’ the Robotic Drinking Companion   Leave a comment

Thanks to a South Korean inventor, lonely drinkers may soon have a robotic friend to join them in drowning their sorrows.

The unorthodox invention, delightfully named ‘Drinky,’ was inspired three years ago when Eunchan Park spent an unfortunate Christmas alone and longed to have someone by his side.

Out of that solitude, Drinky was born.

And while he may not be much of a conversationalist yet, the alcoholic automaton will happily raise a glass to toast his companions before downing whatever spirits are poured into his glass.

As a bonus, cost-conscious drinkers can also tap into the robot’s jar body at the end of the night if they run out of booze.

Should the robot apocalypse ever happen, it will likely be Drinky’s betrayal that will hurt the most.

Source: The Mirror

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