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ISIS’ latest weapon: ‘Franken-trucks’ welded with metal and packed with explosives

According to an American general operating on the frontline against ISIS militants, the barbaric group has begun welding metal plates onto cars and vans that are then laden with explosives, creating a fast-moving, highly-accurate mobile bomb.

Twisted fighters who are prepared to die for the death cult are then strapped into the vehicles before driving at speed directly towards their target.

US soldiers have dubbed the crudely-made but deadly machines ‘Franken-trucks’, saying they were like “something out of a movie”.


Jihadis are reportedly using up to 15 of the deadly new weapons in each operation as they battle Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq.

Major General Peter Gersten told American broadcaster CBS: “These ‘Franken-trucks’ are something out of a movie, something you see in a science fiction movie.

“These are vehicles that they’ve welded metal plates to, loaded them with high explosives, put a suicide bomber inside of them, and set themselves off. That is their precision weapon.”

But the adapted vehicles pale in comparison to the sophisticated military hardware being deployed by Western powers.

ISIS militants in Iraq are being pounded by a coalition of superpowers including the UK, US, France, Canada and Australia.

‘Franken-trucks’ are no match for the devastation wrought by a single laser-guided missile strike by an RAF Tornado.


Frankentruck wreckage


Iraq War 2015 : Kurdish YPG Forces blow up ISIS suicide bomb truck before it hit target

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