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What are these fools going to scheme up next? From shoe bombs, to underwear bombs, and now ‘Kangaroo Bombs’.  The terrorists in Iraq stuffed dead animals with explosives and placed them on the side of the road. Detonated the animal corpse when Allied vehicles drove by.

But lets leave the “Roos” alone you imbeciles.  In the name of a Jumpin Jehovah surely there isn’t a mob of virgin kangaroos up in Allah’s heaven waiting for ‘Boomer’ martyrs?



Sevdet Ramadan Besim has pleaded not guilty to terror charges


An Australian teenager allegedly discussed packing a kangaroo with explosives, painting it with an Islamic State symbol and setting it on police.

Sevdet Ramadan Besim, 19, was committed to trial on Thursday after pleading not guilty to four terror charges in a Melbourne court.

He is accused of plotting to run down and behead a police officer in Melbourne on Anzac Day.

Mr Besim was one of five teens arrested in police raids in April last year. Prosecutors alleged on Thursday that he was communicating with a teenager overseas about his planned attack.

 “I’d love to take out some cops,” Besim allegedly wrote.  “I was gonna meet with them then take some heads ahaha.”

The Australian Broadcasting Corp. quoted a document presented by prosecutors that summarised the alleged conversation about the kangaroo bomb.

“The conversation continues with BESIM detailing what he did that day and they have a general discussion around animals and wildlife in Australia including a suggestion that a kangaroo could be packed with C4 explosive, painted with the IS symbol and set loose on police officers,” the document reportedly said.

Anzac Day, held on 25 April each year, commemorates Australian and New Zealand personnel killed in conflicts.

Mr Besim allegedly conducted internet searches on Anzac Day in preparation for a terrorist attack.



He’s been brainwashed by ISIS videos!


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