Bernie Sanders and ‘The Donald’ win big victories in New Hampshire   Leave a comment


Billionaire Donald Trump has won the New Hampshire primary in the Republican race for US presidential nominee.

Left-wing Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has taken the Democratic vote, pushing ahead of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

It marks a dramatic win for two outsider candidates who have made rallying against mainstream politics central to their campaigns.

State officials predicted a historic turnout in the New Hampshire vote.

It is the second state to vote following last week’s Iowa caucuses won by Ted Cruz for the Republicans and Mrs Clinton for the Democrats.

Mrs Clinton has congratulated Mr Sanders, but said in a speech she would continue to fight for every vote in the campaign. Ohio Governor John Kasich came second in the Republican race, with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Mr Cruz still vying for third place.
The Race is on!





During the first Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton relentlessly emphasized that she would become the first woman president if she wins. Ignored was the man next to her, Bernie Sanders. His election would also make history.


Not so fast Cruz




This is the kind of thing potential Trump supporters like:




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