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I recently came into contact with an elderly lady who lived in a large seniors complex in Winnipeg.  She came across as a sort of activist in her complex.  Her concern was the problems created by residents in the complex driving mobility scooters in the building.  Especially speeding down the hallways and taking corners way too fast and clipping walls, furniture and even other residents.  The lady did say that the scooters, that can reach speeds of 20 kilometers an hour (13 or so miles per hour) are often operated by people suffering from various degrees of dementia. People with not all the proper mental faculties speeding around with fast 200 pound metal machines.

There are also major problems occurring on the outside.



In the province of Manitoba scooters are not required to be insured, they are classified as pedestrians, however they must give other pedestrians the right of way. Scooter drivers are not required to be tested, therefore anybody can jump in the saddle and start zooming around.  Possibly very dangerous situations.

But is driver testing reasonable? Probably not, most drivers are pretty good, but a minority would never past a driving skills test. There goes their mobility if they are restricted from operating a scooter. Like the lady at the seniors complex said, when scooter rush hour starts we have to keep our heads on a swivel and run for cover.




Driver training course.  Maybe this should become mandatory.


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