The CBC Winner of The Politically Correct Person of the Year   Leave a comment

Please meet Elroy (nee Judy) Hazelhoffer from Jasper, Alberta.


Elroy is a transgender former prisoner who likes British miniature Bulldogs.  She, or he, has a penchant for spaghetti and gluten free meatballs. Elroy spent the better part of his life in a maximum security prison for selling crack to the Feds. Inside the slammer, Judy decided she was a man trapped inside a woman’s body. The inmates raised enough money by performing live choir performances to fund a sex-change for Judy.

The CBC had sent their politically correct panel in search of the most brazen and downtrodden abnormal. Elroy won by a landslide.

I listen to a lot of CBC radio. Recently they have had 10-15 documentaries on trans-gender people. I don’t know what trans-gender really is, but it seems very strange to me. I think these people should be forced to talk to a very good psychiatrist before they make a decision.

CBC is so politically correct, the traffic guy on CBC Winnipeg recently recommended changing the name of manholes to person-holes.  Of course he didn’t go as far as Woman-hole.

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