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The giant power crane drill diggers are grinding up the ground at the True North Square construction site with reckless abandon. Huge drill bits 8 feet across pulverize the ground and whatever is below it, steel pipes, concrete, old sewers and possibly bison bones from centuries past. A very ambitious project is under construction in Winnipeg’s downtown. It’s even bigger and bolder than was first envisioned, and on Wednesday the “transformative” True North Square development in downtown Winnipeg took another giant step towards becoming a reality.

I’m not sure what the exact name is for these monster drills, but I call them power crane drill diggers (PCDD’s).




Another new wrinkle is the announcement that True North Square will now boast four high-rise towers instead of three. Also, that two of the towers, not just one, will have a large residential component. Not only will Sutton Place be building a 17-storey, 130-unit condominium tower next to its 27-storey hotel on the west side of Carlton Street, but the 24-storey second tower on the east side will also include 145 residential units, along with a mix of office and retail space.


But while there have been some significant changes to the plans that were unveiled last year, a number of other key elements remain unchanged. One is the inclusion of a large, public plaza/parkway which will stretch from the northwest corner of Graham and Hargrave to almost the corner of Carlton and St. Mary Avenue.

Another is the inclusion of a series of enclosed skywalks connecting the four towers and providing another weather-protected link between Cityplace and the RBC Convention Centre. Like the plaza, the skywalks will be considered part of the public domain, Ludlow said, although it hasn’t been determined yet whether portions of them will run through some of the privately-owned buildings in the development, such as the Sutton Place Hotel, or be built on the outside of them.

The previous plan


The change is that the long building at left centre will now be two taller buildings.



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