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Walking the sidewalks in Winnipeg during the cold months. The winter whiteness can be mesmerizing and pristine. The crunch of the soft frozen flakes beneath your boots.  The sun reflecting off the snow banks creating unexpected warmth. It can be a very nice experience.



And then the melting begins!



And for some unexplainable reason the bureaucrats at City Hall do nothing. They obviously never walk further than their cars to the elevators in the heated parkades.  Idiots. What are little old ladies with walkers suppose to do. The disabled in scooters will get stuck and need a tow. Anybody not wearing water-proof battle boots will get their socks wet.


Look at that slop and icy mush. All the sand poured all winter on the sidewalks combined with spit, ice and settled carbon monoxide, a mixture from Chernobyl. If a citizen slips and falls into that crap they will need to be decontaminated at a military chemical warfare facility.


How hard would it be to put blades on some of those little sidewalk sweeper buggies they use in the summer and clear a path through the ice and melting snow down to the pavement. Or put to work some of the hundreds of vagrants loitering downtown clearing the sidewalks with snow shovels.  Doesn’t the City Hall suits care? I’d like to get Mayor Bowman’s Grandmother trudging through that icy quagmire carrying a heavy shopping bag in high heels!

Even the most athletic big strapping palooka could wipe out and smash his head on this precarious and deadly ice trap.



Come on civic politicians, make life better for us pedestrians who thump around on the sidewalks trying desperately to stay in the vertical position. 


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