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#Goodnight @CityofWinnipeg from @Space_Station. One of the friendliest cities ever. @Canada

From Tim Kopra.

Timothy Lennart Kopra (born April 9, 1963) is an engineer, a Colonel in the United States Army, a NASA astronaut, and the current commander of the International Space Station. He served aboard the International Space Station as a flight engineer for Expedition 20, returning to Earth aboard Space Shuttle Discovery on the STS-128 mission on September 11, 2009.

Kopra pic of Winnipeg April 2, 2016




More photos taken by Commander Kopra.



Amazing sunrise


kopra2 washington

Washington D.C.


kopra3 sydney

Sydney, Australia


kopra4 vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia


kopra5 kansas city

Kansas City


kopra7 progress

Progress supply ship connecting to International Space Station March 27,2016


kopra7a march 19 soyuz

Soyuz ship bringing new crew members to ISS March 19, 2016


kopra6 moscow



kopra6 paris



kopra9 istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey


kopra8 sunrise

Another spectacular sunrise



ISS crew


kopra iss us labratory module

U.S. Laboratory Module at night, all quiet.



Patagonia, southern Chile


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