Are the Winnipeg Police Paranoid?   Leave a comment

The Winnipeg Police Service seems to be getting paranoid. They are acquiring more lethal weapons and a tactical vehicle. This city isn’t really known for criminals that are armed to the teeth. Usually the police deal with dumb and not too dangerous street gangs and drunks. Do they need an armoured car to deal with that?

Last year the police unveiled their newest toy, a Ghurkha Armoured car. Tag price $350,000.


I can’t recall the last time there was a siege in the city.

The police already have a helicopter.  It has FLIR, (Forward Looking Infra-Red).



Now they are getting rifles.  The Winnipeg police board has approved the purchase of  semi-automatic carbine rifles for its front-line officers.

The rifles will go to general patrol officers, those who are often the first on the scene.

The purchase cost is estimated at $200,000.  Deputy Police Chief Art Stannard said they will help better protect officers.

“They can do a job from a long distance if they have to eliminate a threat,” Stannard said.

The tactical unit is already armed with similar rifles.


The other day I noticed the cops have placed concrete blocks around the new police headquarters. I guess they don’t want a disgruntled ex-con to drive an explosive laden U-Haul into the building.







According to intrepid investigative Winnipeg journalist Leroy Dejung, the police have a wish list item that could put them back a few million dollars.


Apache Attack Helicopter with 20 mm chain gun, Hellfire anti-tank missiles, rocket pods and a very bad attitude! Lookout Gang-Bangers!


Posted April 9, 2016 by markosun in Police, Winnipeg

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