A Sleeping Bag System that will keep you alive outside in -35 Celsius extreme cold   Leave a comment

The Modular Sleep System (MSS) is a modular sleeping bag used by the United States armed forces.

The MSS consists of a camouflaged, waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex bivy cover, a lightweight patrol sleeping bag, and an intermediate cold weather sleeping bag. Compression sacks are included to store and carry the system. The MSS is available in colors compatible with the universal camouflage pattern. The patrol bag provides cold weather protection from 35 to 50 °F (1.67 °C to 10 °C). The intermediate bag provides cold weather protection from -5 to 35 °F (-20 to 1.56 °C). Together, the patrol bag and intermediate bags provide extreme cold weather protection in temperatures as low as -30 °F (-35 °C). The bivy cover can be used with each of three MSS configurations (patrol, intermediate, or combined) to be comparable with the environment in which the system is being used; the bivy cover provides environmental protection from wind and water. Sleeping bags are made of ripstop nylon fabrics and continuous filament polyester insulation; camouflage bivy cover is made with waterproof, breathable, coated or laminated nylon fabric called Gore-Tex; the compression sacks are made with water-resistant, durable nylon fabric. These sleeping bags are manufactured for the U.S. military by Tennier industries.




This Military Sleep System is a compact, interchangeable, and highly adaptable set of sleeping apparatus. The carry bag measures 22″ long by 14″ wide when rolled in the nylon water-resistant sack that weighs a meager eight pounds. The largest bag, the Bivy, is 80″ long and 34″ wide at the top and 28″ wide at the bottom. The patrol bag and the ICW are 80″ long and 34″ wide. Each of these components of this system are constructed from fray resistant nylon with water shedding and waterproof capabilities. There are universal camouflage patterns and color options available for optimum blending with the surrounding environment.

U.S. Marines training on a mountain in South Korea





South Korean Marines are in the totally white winter camouflage.




The next best thing about the MMSS is the total protection of this complete system being effective to -30° F.

Another very good feature is the weight and compactness of the system. At a light eight pounds, this system is simple to haul and nearly unnoticeable.




Navy SEALS during arctic training in Alaska


marines4 seals

marines5 seals


marines6 seals

SEALS wear their distinctive small helmets.  The army’s Delta Force wear very similar helmets.


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