Lost Tribe on small Island in the Indian Ocean remain virtually untouched by modern civilization.   70 comments


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The Sentinelese (also Sentineli, Senteneli, Sentenelese, North Sentinel Islanders) are one of the Andamanese indigenous peoples and one of the most uncontacted peoples of the Andaman Islands, located in India in the Bay of Bengal. They inhabit North Sentinel Island which lies westward off the southern tip of the Great Andaman archipelago. They are noted for vigorously resisting attempts at contact by outsiders. The Sentinelese maintain an essentially hunter-gatherer society subsisting through hunting, fishing, and collecting wild plants; there is no evidence of either agricultural practices or methods of producing fire. Their language remains unclassified.








The present population of the Sentinelese is not known with any great degree of accuracy. Estimates have been produced ranging from lower than 40, through a median of around 250, and up to a maximum of 500. In the year 2001, the Census of India officials recorded 39 individuals (21 males and 18 females); however, out of necessity this survey was conducted from a distance and almost certainly does not represent an accurate figure for the population who range over the 72 km2 (17,800 acres) island. Any medium- or long-term impact on the Sentinelese population arising from the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and resulting tsunami remains unknown, other than the confirmation obtained that they had survived the immediate aftermath.

On previous visits, groups of some 20–40 individuals were encountered regularly. Habitations of 40–60 individuals were found on two occasions. As some individuals are almost certainly hiding, a better approximation of group size cannot be determined. This would suggest that some 2–6 groups occupy the island. The rule of thumb population density of 1.5 km2 (370 acres)/individuals in comparable hunter-gatherer societies indicates that one such group could live off the land alone. A significant amount of food is derived from the sea. It seems that the groups encountered, at any one time, could only have come from a rather small part of the island. There appear to be slightly more males than females. At any given time, about half of the couples seemed to have dependent children or the women were pregnant.

North Sentinel Island

The Sentinelese and other indigenous Andamanese peoples are frequently described as negritos, a term which has been applied to various widely separated peoples in Southeast Asia, such as the Semang of the Malay archipelago and the Aeta of the Philippines, as well as to other peoples as far afield as Australia (notably former populations of Tasmania). The defining characteristics of these “negrito” peoples (who are not a monophyletic group) include a comparatively short stature, dark skin and “peppercorn” hair, qualities also found commonly across the continent of Africa. No close contacts have been established, but the author Heinrich Harrer described one man as being 1.6 m (5′ 4″) tall and apparently left handed.

Negrito people of the Andaman Islands


From 1967 onwards, the Indian authorities in Port Blair embarked on a limited programme of attempts at contacting the Sentinelese, under the management of the Director of Tribal Welfare and anthropologist T. N. Pandit. These “Contact Expeditions” consisted of a series of planned visits which would progressively leave “gifts”, such as coconuts, on the shores, in an attempt to coax the Sentinelese from their hostile reception of outsiders. For a while, these seemed to have some limited success; however, the programme was discontinued in the late 1990s following a series of hostile encounters resulting in several deaths.

In 2006, Sentinelese archers killed two fishermen who were fishing illegally within range of the island. The archers later drove off, with a hail of arrows, the helicopter that was sent to retrieve the bodies.  To this date, the bodies remain unrecovered, although the downdraught from the helicopter’s rotors at the time exposed the two fishermen’s corpses, which had been buried in shallow graves by the Sentinelese.

On 2 August 1981, the ship Primrose grounded on the North Sentinel Island reef. A few days later, crewmen on the immobile vessel observed that small black men were carrying spears and arrows and building boats on the beach. The captain of the Primrose radioed for an urgent airdrop of firearms so the crew could defend themselves, but did not receive them. Heavy seas kept the islanders away from the ship. After a week, the crew were rescued by a helicopter working under contract to the Indian Oil And Natural Gas Commission (ONGC).

The Sentinelese apparently survived the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and its after-effects, including the tsunami and the uplifting of the island. Three days after the event, an Indian government helicopter observed several of them, who shot arrows and threw stones at the hovering aircraft with the apparent intent of repelling it. Although the fishing grounds of the Sentinelese were disturbed, they appear to have adapted to the island’s current conditions.

In the spring of 1974, a National Geographic film crew came to the island, in what was one of the most unsuccessful expeditions made on the island. North Sentinel was visited by a team of anthropologists filming a documentary, Man in Search of Man. The team was accompanied by armed police officers and a National Geographic photographer. When the motorized boat broke through the barrier reefs, locals emerged from the jungle. The Sentinelese responded with a curtain of arrows. The boat landed at a point on the coast out of range of the arrows and the police (dressed in jackets with padded armour) landed and left gifts in the sand: a miniature plastic car, some coconuts, a live pig tied, a doll, and aluminium cookware. The policemen returned to the boat and waited to see the locals’ reaction to the gifts. The reaction was to launch another round of arrows, one of which struck the documentary’s director in the left thigh. The man who wounded the director withdrew and laughed proudly, sitting in the shade while others speared, then buried, the pig and the doll. Afterwards, everyone left, taking with them only the coconuts and aluminium cookware.

In the early 1990s, the Sentinelese began allowing the boats to come closer to the shore, and sometimes greeted them unarmed. However, after a few minutes, the Sentinelese would warn them off by making menacing gestures and firing arrows without arrowheads. In 1996, the Indian government ended the “Contact Expeditions” following a series of hostile encounters resulting in several deaths in a similar programme practised with the Jarawa people of South and Middle Andaman Islands and because of the danger of introducing diseases.



Their island is legally a part of, and administered by, the Indian Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. In practice, however, the Sentinelese exercise complete autonomy over their affairs and the involvement of the Indian authorities is restricted to occasional monitoring, even more infrequent and brief visits, and generally discouraging any access or approaches to the island. The possibility of future contact, whether violent or non-violent (armed/unarmed) has been discussed by various organizations and nations.

Updated April 10, 2016




Amazing that in 2013 there is still a tribe that has had virtually no contact with the outside world.  To resist contact in such a vigilant way.  Reminds me of the scene from Mutiny On The Bounty with Anthony Hopkins.


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70 responses to “Lost Tribe on small Island in the Indian Ocean remain virtually untouched by modern civilization.

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  1. Last summer my uncle passed away & his funeral was at Cropo Funeral Chapel (Inkster & Main). Wound up getting kinda drunk ( got reaquainted w/ The Green Briar) & found myself at The Yale Hotel (Main & Euclid) searching for a cab. The Mutiny On The Bounty scene ensued! Woah man. That was intense!

    • Oh yes, there is a lot of primitive Natives prowling around this island that is Winnipeg.

      • … and they say Canadians are not racist.

      • Wow. You realize we don’t live in the 1800’s right. Classic piece of shit right here folks.

      • Do you realize they just discovered a tribe in Brazil. Search the web. They are called Uncontacted Tribes.
        Here is some help: Nuwer, Rachel (2014-08-04). “Future – Anthropology: The sad truth about uncontacted tribes”. BBC. Retrieved 2015-07-24.
        2.Jump up ^ “How many uncontacted tribes are left in the world?”. New Scientist. 22 August 2013. Retrieved 3 July 2016.
        3.Jump up ^ “Isolated tribe spotted in Brazil”. BBC News. 2008-05-30. Retrieved 2013-08-05.

        New Scientist and the BBC are not spouting shit. If they did it would be found out by the New York Times and there ratings would go down the shithole.

      • What in the name of Buddha are you fucking talking about?

    • What the fuck does this have to do with the Lost Tribe(s)? Damn! No respect…couldn’t you have wrote your comment somewhere else.

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  3. They need to be left alone. How arrogant is that this anthropologist feels like he has the right to invade their culture and their island home. And they are not lost. They know where they are and don’t care if you don’t.

    • OK!!!

    • Yes!!!!

    • Anthropology is the study of man… and mankind… the anthropologist is not arrogant.. but following his passion to study people…. this in turn gives us great insight into the History of Man and of the people of this earth.. aka.. knowledge! I do agree to study them… but with respect and discreetly.. as not to disturb their way of life…

      • I understand wanting knowledge but they are humans and very much alive!!! Africa and many other tribes are in a mess because folks what to study them!!!! Study what they already have … use the DNA of every human in the civilian world as it is called to study and reseach were man come from!!!! Next they will need vaccinations and all the other mess that goes alone with it!!! Then if they have oil…their land will be taken..then goes the Bible…then they will kill each other in the name of Jesus!!! NOPE…I hope they never allow outsiders in!!!

      • You’ve obviously never watched star trek. You CANNOT study something without altering, or changing its future. You will always interfere with its way of life you moron. Gosh, watch some tv.

  4. y por que habria que cambiarles su forma de vida?’ Basta de invadir a los pueblos Nativos….

  5. And if Caucasians could leave them alone, that would be great.

  6. i hope they leave these people alone…

    martin van olphen
  7. Andamanese – WOW these people have the same DNA trait with isolated Japan tribes and Tibet mountain tribes… This is why Modern Science want to reach them…. the dna is untouch from for 60,000 years. their numbers are super low some tribe have only 40 members left.

    They never made it to East Asia!!!… they are stuck on an island. Funny because the ancestors made it to China, cross over to American Became Extinct and Reborn several times over.

  8. Baby got BACK!!! Twerk that THING Girl!!

  9. great nipples, would love a suck on them

  10. we can learn from what we have forgotten, that living with nature is better than living with the white race. watch out they may soon tell these indigenous people that they need vaccination to survive.

  11. that chic got a fine ass

  12. I read a few comments anyway with that being said i will say this is very interesting they need to be left alone if they were their than that is their home
    just like america we were born here or were ever else in the states.. the people that wanted to find them simply have other intents i bet if i had a chance to visit that place due to trying to see who i really am i would i am a firm believer with family history by being brought over on the slave ship
    from several parts of this earth their is no telling if this tribe is related to me.however my parents and their parents and so fourth back came from somewhere other than america those who is into that stuff would know that ,i wont bash the us or government or any race but if this is accurate to the t and they are still alive let them be they are people no matter the culture, color, size etc

  13. This is truly fascinating.

  14. Who the heck told you they were lost ?? Quite an ignorant caption there you have dont you think. They have been living there for thousands of years.

    • Marquel, my sentiments precisely! I see nothing good coming from the Sentinelese coming in contact with the outside world. They would only become spectacles for the modern world’s curiosity. Yes, we are 400 years away from Dapper’s and Wilhelm ten Rhyne’s description of the Hottentot women of Africa, but the direspectful sexual comments and focus on the Sentinelese woman’s body reminds me of the racist and dehumanizing handling of ‘La Venus hottentot’ in Paris in the 1800s.
      I think the Sentineleses are a lot smarter than we think, and may have a greater insight into modern history than we give them credit for.
      If only the Africans had resisted, or at least controlled the level of European contact in such a manner, the course of history for people of African descent would be markedly different.

      From a human curiosity and the desire to learn from others experiences, of course, I would like to sit down with a Senelese woman, share a meal and life stories. I am sure there would be a lot to learn. But only if she was willing and only is she would be treated with dignity and respect, as any of us would want to be treated.

      We call their reaction to us attempting to contact them” savage”, and that they are willing to “kill” to avoid contact. They are compared to savages for defending their land and soveignty. Really??!! Is this a one sided story? What savage act were we willing to place on the American indians to take over their land? What savage acts have the Senelese people experienced from the modern world over the past centuries?

      If they behaved any different, their island would be inhabited and taken over by foreigners and resort developers. They would be eliminated and or marginalized to one corner of the island. Such is the course of history. Sorry!!!
      I join those of you who said to “Leave them alone”. Why not? It does not appear that we have much say in the matter at this time. When its time, they will venture out to reach us.
      Allow the Senelese to be a rare group of the black race to exist, without starring at the ugly face of prejuduce.

      These words are my contribution to the discussion and I am sticking to them!!!


      • ur right on point…..we need more to think like u

      • If the “Africans” would have resisted European contact, they’d all be living in mud huts and washing their faces in cow urine. The only areas with civilisation are in the cities, your know those great imposing concrete structures with air conditioning and 3 meals a day. Of course I’m sure you’d be quite content to live with malaria, throw spears and bash your neighbors’ heads in with a club. If we had just left them alone we’d not have all this gang shit in the western world. That’s one benefit.

  15. I’m assuming this island is high up on the USA’s agendas list. (For their own good, of coarse!) Yea, but they got the right idea, and whoever is the wiseman leading them was born approximately 6000 years later than he should have. If Black people would have taken an unwavering “Don’t fuck with me!!!” policy From day 1 with Dwight Mann, and mantained his distance to the death. None of the atrocities we bare today would have ever happened. I guess that could be said about the rest of the world too. SMH, I guess you just live and you learn , huh

  16. There are several uncontacted tribes in the Amazon, as well. It is only recently that anthropologists have applied a Star Trek like “Prime Directive” in their work. While it might add to our body of knowledge to study these people(s), keep in mind that they have lived this way at least 40,000 years longer than our ancestors did.

  17. who decides they were lost? Did they tell anyone they were lost. just because you never knew about them doesn’t make them lost it means you have a lot to learn.

  18. I think it’s racist for people to assume white people are going to go and destroy this group. I’m Naive American and I know my tribe had enslaved people of all ethnic backgrounds, but only if those people invaded our land. The fact is that the percentage of white people who owned slaves is very small compared to all other slave owning societies around the world. Ignorance abounds for those who think only white people owned slaves. Racist!

  19. Who are you referring to as “whites” last time I checked us “whites” had the final say in just about everything that happens in modern civilisation. # more evolved #whiteman winning

  20. I just hope they keep the fight up and protect their home for the generations to come. Seems they have been doing well and are happy. It doesnt matter about race actually , it matters about humanity. Now that lessons have been learned about negative outcomes of controlling others , maybe common sense kicks in that these beautiful people are not harming anyone unless protecting their lively hood as any human should do. Let go and let GOD.

  21. I forgive everyone on this website…although it is truly sad to see the arguments happening through out the posts.

  22. What this is telling us is that we are all related some how some way, These people are so far from Africa,There skin is a pretty black very dense darkness love it leave them along

  23. I know that this will fall on deaf ears, but PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LEAVE THEM BE.

    There is certainly nothing that we have to offer them of any value. And any benefit that we receive could never be enough in return for destroying them.

    Maybe the UN could set some huge exclusion zone around the Island, with some really high penalty for penetrating it?

    Not hopeful,

  24. First of all, they’re not lost. 2nd, if they are so averse to contact with strangers (especially white ones, I would imagine), who dafuq took that picture?

  25. Boy I would love to eat out of that ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Delicious!!!!!!!

  26. 100% agree with Blah!

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  29. Get even. Asians with hardware.

  30. We needs to interduse them to fawtys and ganja. The amer guv needs to pay subsidtis to them for slavery

  31. I’m going to invade that island just to fuck that ass!

  32. If I was them I would fight off contact from the so called “civilized” world too. Just think, If 90% of the people who commented here represented who I would come in contact with, I would fight to my death to ensure I wouldn’t have to listen to your ignorance.

  33. Great Wikipedia copy/paste!

  34. By all accounts they are very sensible people. Its a pity other cultures didn’t follow their example!

  35. I see there are a lot of sick ass people that have made some pretty vile comments here…is her body the only thing of concern here? I dont blame these people for fighting dumb ass people off their island. They seem to be doing pretty damn good without other people’s corrupted asses. Have some respect for other people. And who says they are “lost”? Lost from what? stupidity?

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