Bob Cole still calling Hockey Night In Canada games at the ripe old age of 83   1 comment

If any of the septuagenarians and octogenarians (people in their 70’s and 80’s) out there need any encouragement, look no further than Bob Cole.

Robert Cecil “Bob” Cole (born (1933-06-24)June 24, 1933) is a Canadian sports television announcer and former competitive curler.  He is known primarily for his work on Hockey Night In Canada.


The guy is like the Energizer bunny, he just keeps going and going. Calling an NHL game is not easy, a person has to be fast and focused. They have to know all the player names and numbers, and they have to call the play with flair and gusto. Bob is still doing that.


Bob’s first game


I kid, this picture is from 1942. Bob was only 9 at the time.

Picture below is more like it.


During his early career in broadcasting, Cole was a successful curler, playing in the 1971 and 1975 Briers as the skip for the Newfoundland team. He also played in the 1965 and 1973 Canadian mixed championships.

Bob’s new sports league below:



Bob will never leave the broadcast booth, below is a imagined picture of Bob’s ghost calling a game in 2045. The game is between the Las Vegas Greenbacks and the Saskatoon Sasquatches.





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  1. Look at the difference between the 1942 ice surface and that of today.

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