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The other day I was listening to the CBC radio program Q, now infamous as the show that alleged pervert Jian Ghomeshi used to host, and the guest was a Hip Hop director creatively named ‘Director X’.  This clown used the phrase “you know what I’m saying” after every second sentence. I thought I was listening to J-Roc from Trailer Park Boys.  Hip hop is very crude indeed.

Example from the Urban Dictionary:

Jigmond: “It’s here…you know what I’m sayin’…ya know w’am sayin’, you know what I’m sayin’ yo….you know..yo…yo…ya know beeitch…you know what I’m sayin’..
Trisha: “Well, I know that you’re saying ‘you know what I’m sayin’ a lot and I am about to hoof you in the nuts ass-munch!”

Danton: “Yo, you…you know what I’m sayin’…you know what I’m sayin’… know….you know what I’m saying…bitch…you know what I’m sayin’ !!?”

Definition from urban Dictionary:

A frequently used phrase among slack jawed rappers.
(I’ve never met one that wasn’t slack jawed)
Due to the fact that they can’t communicate well because of the stupidity of ebonics.

It is primarily used to ask if the recipient of a statement understands what was being spoken. It is necessity to ask this because rappers are to stupid to ask what the speaker meant when they couldn’t understand the statement.



Posted April 19, 2016 by markosun in Language

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