Old people holding up check out lines   2 comments

Waiting in the line-up at the grocery store and a little old lady is at the front going through her change purse looking for the exact amount of money to pay her bill.  She unwittingly holds up the line for four minutes.  What is it with humans that when they turn 75 years old they have to pay for everything with the exact change?

The countless man hours lost to this old age affliction is enormous.  Society loses thousands of man hours as we wait for the old goats to dig through their purses and find that $2.87 exactly.  Are they scared that when they die there will be hundreds of dollars of unused change in their bedroom drawers?  An Old Lady will stipulate in her will that the children will have to dig up a metal box buried behind the barn and use the change in it to pay for the funeral.

Get on with it you old frail senior citizens and pass the clerk a ten-dollar bill!

I think it’s a remnant from before cash registers made change. These senior citizens started out in life bartering a hen for a bag of sugar or a knitted head scarf that took them a month to make for a 10 pound slab of lard. Money was so hard to get in the dirty thirties that they would spend their evenings counting and re-counting the household pennies and nickels. Change was regarded as the most important thing a person could possess, so why waste perfectly good change if you don’t have to?


This one is going home on her scooter to get the correct change for her hearing aid battery.

Posted April 21, 2016 by markosun in Economics

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2 responses to “Old people holding up check out lines

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  1. When I had my sports car I was always at the back of the line of traffic. Now I drive a little SUV and have aged a little, I am always at the front of the line. How’s that?

  2. I hope she takes her cane and shoves it up your butt!

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