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Rolling Stone

Contrary to Trump’s claim that he does not repeat himself, he does so, often, especially on his favorite medium: Twitter



By one count, Donald Trump has publicly insulted 202 people, places and things since declaring his candidacy last summer.

Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter says that for years after he dubbed Donald Trump a “short-fingered vulgarian” in Spy magazine, Trump would send him glossy photos of himself, digits circled in gold Sharpie, with a note: “See? Not so short.” When Marco Rubio revived the short-fingered insult on the campaign trail recently, Trump seized on it at a GOP debate, assuring the 16.8 million people watching that there’s no problem with the size of his hands or his dick.




The point is that Donald Trump certainly can’t take it — but he not particularly skilled at dishing it out either. Since declaring his candidacy for president last June, Trump has publicly insulted 202 people, places and things, according to one inventory. That’s a staggering number, but it belies the fact that most of his insults are rehashed versions of the same few hackneyed jibes.

His favorite way to disparage something is to call it failing (he’s lobbed a variation of that various enemies at least 66 times since he started running), but he also likes to call a person who has displeased him a lightweight (37), dishonest (36), dumb or dummy (33), bad! (31), sad! (31), a dope or dopey (29), weak (27), a liar (27), a loser (25), the worst (22), boring (21), incompetent (16), biased (15), a disaster (13), a clown (11), a disgrace (6), dying (10), overrated (6), stupid (7), a fraud (7) and not nice (5).

Here is one insult that is correct:

Former President George W. Bush: — “You mean George Bush sends our soldiers into combat, they are severely wounded, and then he wants $120,000 to make a boring speech to them?” asked Trump on July 9, after reports the former president charged a vets group for a speech. “Bush didn’t have the IQ [to be president],” he added on June 16.

In the example below Chris Cuomo of CNN asks Donald why he always insults his detractors. What does Donald do?  Insults Chris.

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