Yogi Bear’s East Coast Cousin Pedals has Resurfaced in New Jersey   Leave a comment




An injured black bear which walks on its hind legs like a human has been spotted wandering round a New Jersey neighborhood.

Incredible video footage showed the creature strolling through an Oak Ridge resident’s back garden – only pausing when it noticed it is being filmed.

Nicknamed Pedals, for its bipedal walk, the creature was also spotted in August ambling down Oak Ridge’s street and across front yards.

While the bear’s human-like walk may look amusing, experts believe the cause is serious.

The wild animal is thought to have taught itself to walk on its back legs after injuring its front paws.



Pedals is missing one of its front paws while the other is permanently damaged.

The injury appears to have affected the bear’s ability to feed itself as it looks very undernourished.

Experts believe Pedals may not survive the winter.

Ian Bohman from Oak Ridge, New Jersey, who filmed the animal on his phone over the summer, said: ‘The whole upper body of the bear looked pretty skinny, and the left paw could possibly be broken by the way it basically hangs.’

An animal charity has now agreed to take on the injured creature and the local community have set up a Go Fund Me page which has already raised reached its $15,000 to pay for a new enclosure and care.

Once the enclosure is ready, the Orphaned Wildlife Center – a non-profit organization that currently houses 14 adult bears – will tranquilize Pedals and transport him to the center in Otisville, reported Grind TV.



Posted June 24, 2016 by markosun in Animals

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