Marijuana Man has King Kong lungs   Leave a comment

This guy takes tokes that would topple a mule.  One of his tokes would put me in a coma.

Stephen Payne is a 45-year-old guy from Vancouver, British Columbia, who’s been taking bong rips on the internet since 1997. In that time he’s built something of a brand around his own version of suburban stonerism with a blog, a live show, and 92,268 subscribers to his YouTube channel, Marijuana Man. See the trailer below if you want more on that.




Nearly all his videos, as you might have guessed, feature Steve getting fried on a variety of bongs supplied by his sponsors. And most of the 569 videos are shot in what looks like his parents’ basement, wearing mostly pajamas.

In the video below, Marijuana Man suggests his stash is running low.

Posted June 26, 2016 by markosun in Drugs

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