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In a complete shocker, Donald Trump announced that actor Gary Busey will be his presidential running mate. Even though Gary has no political experience and his acting career has been in a nosedive the last few years, he is on the ticket. “No political experience, who needs political experience? I have no political experience, we are going to destroy Hillary, who has nothing but political experience,” The Donald was quoted as saying.

“Gary brings a refreshing anti-establishment attitude to my campaign, he is also a superb actor. The Buddy Holly movie and especially the Gingerdead Man, now that was a great movie, our Trump team needs a guy like this to throw into the ring,” Trump said. Donald also mentioned that Gary was on Celebrity Apprentice. “When Gary went toe to toe with Meatloaf in that heated battle over the paint, that was fantastic, not third-rate.”

“And those teeth, Gary has a set of teeth like a champion thoroughbred racehorse, I just love it when Gary smiles, his mouth looks like a sparkling row of piano keys.

‘The Donald’ also released a video with a Hollywood connection:

A fantastic, unbelievable first-rate movie:

Posted July 14, 2016 by markosun in Politics

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