What is with this Tragically Hip phony mania?   1 comment

This band sucks. Should be end of story, but isn’t. They sound like continuous white noise with good old lead man Gord reading poetry. It is boring, redundant and leaves an awful smelling taste in the ears. No wonder they never made it in the States, a poor man’s REM! Music for people who don’t understand music, or that will boogie to any confusing static sounds combined with a voice. Poor Gord is going to die, this happens in the circle of life and death.

But why is the Canadian media treating this band like the Canadian Beatles? Their music is horrible. I’d prefer Lawrence Welk over this boring cacophony of senseless noise! I can’t stress enough, this band totally sucks!!  Completely overrated, no talent. No spunk, no music that has gumption or pizzazz. Basement band that never should have seen the light of day.

God bless you Gord. For the rest of the band I hope Gord brings you with him! Go back to Kingston you twerps.





Posted August 19, 2016 by markosun in Music

One response to “What is with this Tragically Hip phony mania?

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  1. I saidt the same thing, but as our esteemed PM was gracious enough to honour concert-goers with his exalted presence, I put aside my bias for good music and thought, “Well, it’s Canadian.”

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