Early-morning earthquake shakes Yorkton, Saskatchewan, area   Leave a comment


A light earthquake was felt this morning in the Saskatchewan communities of Yorkton, Melville and Langenburg, Natural Resources Canada has reported.

Officials confirm there was a 3.8 magnitude quake centred southeast of Yorkton at 4:40 a.m. CST.

At least one person reported feeling light shaking, but there were no immediate reports of damage.




SaskPower said the earthquake affected an electrical substation, impacting rural customers in the Esterhazy and Melville regions. Power was restored by 6:30 a.m., but crews remain at the substation to make sure it is ready to go back online.

Not the first time

This is not the first time an earthquake has rattled the region, located about 200 kilometres northeast of Regina.

There have been five others of a similar magnitude in the Yorkton-Esterhazy area in the past 16 years, and 11 since 1981.

“The last one that we recorded was in 2014. It was a 3.1. The time before that was July 8 — 3.7 — in 2013,” said Michal Kolaj, a seismologist for Natural Resources Canada. “Earthquakes in general occur if you have a slip along a fault.”

Kolaj said an investigation into the quake will take place over the next few days to try and determine whether it is consistent with a natural event or whether it’s linked to some sort of human activity.

“We’ll look to see whether the location is in close proximity to active mining or other types of anthropogenic activity. And then we’ll maybe seek to also contact the companies themselves to gather some more information.”


Further reports and photos have come forward showing some damage.


A combine did a nosedive




A tractor on its side




Overturned pick-up




A collapsed barn




Update: upon further review it was determined that the combine and tractor mishaps were due to driver error. The pick-up rollover was due to distracted driving (texting). And the barn collapse was due to old age. Earthquake is rendered completely not at fault.


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