Who has the worst potty-mouth on reality TV: Ozzy Osbourne or Art Burke from Ice Road Truckers?   Leave a comment




Ozzy and Art have very foul mouths. If you get ten minutes in hell for every swear word you use, these two are going to be spending centuries in the devil’s cauldron.  The obscenities spew out of these guys on a regular basis, but the coarse language hits high gear when they are irritated. Every third word is a descriptive vulgarity. Swearing is not a nice thing, but it makes for riveting good reality TV.

Art on Ice Road Truckers



This clip is dated, it’s from ‘The Osbournes’, a show from many years ago. Ozzy has a new show, ‘Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour’, and he hasn’t cleaned up his act. Language warning.



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