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‘The Donald” has been busy being colourful as ever in the last few days. He has finally acknowledged that Barack Obama was born in the United States. Back in 2011 after Obama released his long form Hawaiian birth certificate proving he is American, Trump still wasn’t satisfied. CNN clips show Trump telling Wolf Blitzer that he heard reports that the birth certificate was fake. And people are going to vote for this wacko to be president of the most powerful nation on the earth!

And in the last couple days Donald said Russian president Vladimir Putin is a stronger leader than president Obama. Of course Putin is stronger, he is a totalitarian dictator! He runs Russia with an iron fist. He kills journalists and opposition leaders. I think Trump likes that sort of thing. Donald seems to have a man-thing for Vlad.

And then there is Trump’s “Great Wall of the United States”. And he will get Mexico to pay for it, even though the Mexicans tell Trump to go to hell.

Recently released (yet unverifiable) photos of a brand new wall that Trump has built with his own casino money hit the web recently. Purportedly built along the Mexican-New Mexico border, this is one hell of a wall. Trump brought in some top US generals to take a look. They were impressed, especially with the missile launchers.






Another recently released photo. This one was apparently taken by an intrepid Esquire photographer. The location is unknown, although it is rumoured it was in the eastern reaches of Siberia.  Rumour has it the Esquire photographer was taken into custody by Russian authorities after he submitted the photo and was sentenced to life in a Russian Gulag.  The first ten years will be hard labour and only bread and water to eat.




Posted September 10, 2016 by markosun in Geopolitics

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