Donald Trump is very mad at everything these days. At rally in Florida today he overheated and his face turned orange. And then…   Leave a comment






As more women came forward accusing Donald of sexual misconduct he became more combative, vindictive and agitated.

He started overheating




All of a sudden Donald stopped talking, started staring straight ahead, and then his head started shaking. Was this the final meltdown?





His head then exploded!

Trump surrogates collected all the pieces of his head they could find around the auditorium and put them in plastic sandwich bags. Trump’s headless body was flown back to New York along with his fragmentized head on his personal 757 jet. Trump spokesperson Leviana Kosmopalitan said the Trump team has hired the best reconstruction surgeons in the country. She said Trump’s face and brains will be put back together and sewn back onto his body in time for the next debate.

Posted October 14, 2016 by markosun in Politics

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