Don Cherry and Donald Trump are both regular customers at “Spray and Pray” tanning salons   Leave a comment


For the uninitiated Don Cherry is a famous commentator for Hockey Night in Canada. I’m not sure if these two entertainers jump in the tanning bed, have tan lights beam down on them when they are at a desk or sitting on the couch, or just use the spray. “Spray and Pray” tanning salons – founded 1982 in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, – do use many methods, but as the name suggests, tanning spray is their forte. The two clowns mentioned above must be somewhat narcissistic to always have this orange glow on their mugs. Many people feel tans are sexy. But these guys are 82 (Cherry) and 71 (Trump) respectively. I’m almost sure Cherry doesn’t chase women, however I wouldn’t give Trump the benefit of the doubt when it comes to that sort of thing.



Posted October 15, 2016 by markosun in Entertainers

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