Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton is more corrupt than Al Capone and Attila The Hun combined   Leave a comment


At a rally in the heartland of Trump support today, Asheville, North Carolina, “The Donald” stated that Hillary Clinton’s email fiasco was worse than the Armenian Holocaust. He said she was a” crooked, miserable, ugly, old broad that should be sent to Alcatraz as soon as possible. Even though Alcatraz has been closed for 55 years. Trump continued:” That women (he never refers to Hillary by her first name), should be tied up, gagged, thrown in a sack with starving feral cats and then hung by the highest limb.” Trump continued that if Hillary Clinton wins the election it will have been rigged by Hillary the Crooked and her cronies in the CIA and NSA. Trump advises that all his followers should make citizen arrests of Bill Clinton and Bill Maher. Torture them into believing Trump Insanism and then kill them. Crooked Hillary should also be tortured indefinitely.

Trump, who is so delusional that he still thinks the Central Park five are guilty, even though the perpetrator admitted to the mugging and DNA proved the five were innocent, still hates them. Trump is unequivocally racist. He was a big bully when he was in elementary school, and is a bully assehole today. Self-Centered dirty ego-twistable sombitch. This guy is the last person you want to control America’s nuclear codes.



Posted October 29, 2016 by markosun in Politics

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