What is Wikileaks doing? Trying to get that Trump freak elected?!!   Leave a comment


Wikileaks is releasing emails that are apparently detrimental to Hillary Clinton. Adrian Asange is the ultimate hypocrite. He wants transparency with every aspect of government and public discord. But the dirty liar is holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. He is a truth seeker, yet he doesn’t want the courts to figure out the truth behind his alleged sexual charges. Come on Adrian, face the truth music, lets get to the bottom of this!



Enough of this Donald Trump affection bullshit. This man is a dangerous man, this man is arrogant, in love with himself, shallow, an opportunist vulgar buffoon charlatan. Look at that insane hair, Hawaiian tan and $10,000 suits. Putin must shrivel with hair envy. In plain terms, this guy is a monster freak. Please America, don’t elect this piece of shit as president!!

This man is not normal. He is a self-centered gutter slob that deserves to be buried with his globs of cash in the next available plot. All he cares about is his money and himself. This is all about ‘The Donald”. This man is the antithesis of altruististic. If you’re a Trump fan look up the word (because you will not know what that means, trailer trash).

This guy will rattle the world like you never thought. He is an arrogant opportunist who may get to the White House, embrace Putin (the modern Stalin) and want to build casinos in Syria. Trump is so misinformed that he will dismantle NATO. Allow South Korea and Japan to develop nuclear weapons all because it is costing America money, with Trump, it’s all about money. Nothing more.  Please America, for the sake of my children and their pet cat kittens, don’t elect this freak bastard!!

Posted November 2, 2016 by markosun in Politics

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