The Largest Railroad Companies in North America   Leave a comment


Annual Revenue

BNSF                       $14,124,000,000

Union Pacific          $14,117,000,000

CSX                           $8,170,000,000

Norfolk Southern    $7,969,000,000

Canadian National   $6,451,000,000

Kansas City Southern $1,600,000,000

Canadian Pacific       $1,500,000,000

Ferromex                   $1,200,000,000


Trackage rights in purple.

BNSF (the name comes from Burlington Northern, Santa Fe)


arail bnsf`

arail bnsf 1`

Union Pacific

arail union pacific`

arail union pacific1`


arail csx`

arail csx1`

Norfolk Southern

arail norfolk southern`

arail ns`

Canadian National

arail cn3`

arail cn`

Kansas City Southern

arail Kansas City Southern`

arail kcs`

Canadian Pacific

arail canadian pacific`

arail cp`


arail ferromex1`

arail ferromex

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