Washington Caps head coach gets a puck to the head   Leave a comment


The start of the Caps/Leafs game was strange. Leafs’ grinding extraordinaire Matt Martin opened the scoring with a breakaway goal. But I want to focus on the opening face off.

As the Leafs gained possession off the draw, the puck deflected off Nikita Soshnikov’s stick and into the Caps bench. The puck struck Caps Head Coach Barry Trotz square in the forehead.

Midway through the first period, CSN aired a replay.

Trotz was looking the other way when the deflected puck jumped up and clipped him. At first, Trotz is surprised and seems confused on what happened. But then he looks at the referee, has this sassy look like Whatever, dude, and keeps coaching.
Barry is built like a fire hydrant and has the look of a Mafioso gorilla. Tough Manitoba guy from Dauphin. He shook it off, BUT.
Barry must have had a side splitting headache last night. When the Caps game opened tonight Barry was on the bench wearing…
… a Helmet!

Posted November 28, 2016 by markosun in Sports

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