What next from the streets of Winnipeg? A guy carrying a dead deer on his shoulders!   Leave a comment


This video surfaced this morning from some guy who now says he is famous because of the video. This video is so bloody strange that no wonder it has gone viral. It shows a guy carrying a dead deer down Keewatin street near Selkirk avenue sometime this morning. The audio is so obscene that I inserted music. A brief description of the audio: the guy with the camera says the other guy is carrying this deer, refers to the other guy as a Rez Nigga, camera guy says the deer stinks like a bitch. But he says we should bring it to my brother’s, skin it and eat it.

Logical deduction assumes this is road kill. If it stinks it may have been dead for hours. The boys in the vid are likely intoxicated on something and decided to not waste a good deer corpse. The deer looks like it could weigh about a hundred pounds. So the carrier probably got tired and dropped it and they went on their merry way.





Posted December 6, 2016 by markosun in Bizarre

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