TV Channel 222 has had the Holiday Fireplace going 24/7 for six Bloody Weeks!   Leave a comment


Shaw TV’s ‘The Frame Channel’ is a perpetual scenery saturated experience. It usually shows great landscapes, beaches, rivers, popular city locations, famous bridges and meadows with fluffy sheep etc. It is for people who just want to let their minds relax. Come the holiday season the channel narrows its focus. It only shows a fireplace all the bloody time. The same fireplace all the time. Over and over and over. Sometimes a lumberjack’s arm appears in the bottom left corner of the screen and adds a log or two to the fire.

To watch this fireplace for more than 3 minutes would be strange behaviour. A person would have to be on some really good 1980’s acid to get their senses warped enough to get immersed in the looped fireplace for any length of time. Either that or a pyromaniac with a 70 inch wall screen and no money to fill his jerrycan with gasoline. Hopefully The Frame channel discontinues the perpetual flames by Valentines Day.



Posted January 5, 2017 by markosun in Television

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