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Canadian Drivers get Stiff Tickets for Driving with Snow Covered Cars   Leave a comment


A day after Ontario police ticketed an elderly man “too old and weak” to clear snow off his windshield, Halifax authorities busted a driver with a more creative excuse.

On Wednesday, Halifax police posted a photo of a car half-covered under several inches of snow, its driver hiding her face behind the wheel.

Police described the winter spectacle as a “moving snowbank.”

“Hard to find words for this one,” said police in the photo’s description, adding, “The driver was on the way to the car wash to melt the snow.”



The 37-year-old driver was given a $180 ticket for failing to clear snow off her car. (Photo: Halifax Regional Police/Facebook)


The 37-year-old driver was handed a $180 ticket. Police took a photo of her car and shared it with the public as a means of deterring others from leaning on the same lazy logic after a heavy snowfall.

On Tuesday, police caught an 80-year-old man in Brussels, Ont. driving a car covered with a thick layer of snow — with exception to a hole cleared on the driver’s side of the windshield.

Ontario Provincial Police spokesperson James Stanley told HuffPost Canada the driver had explained to the officer who stopped him that he was “too old and weak to brush off the entire windshield.”

What followed was a stern lesson about road safety — and a good deed.

“The officer ticketed him, educated him and helped him remove the snow from his windows,” Stanley said.



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New Winnipeg Police Headquarters is One-Tenth the size of The Pentagon   Leave a comment

It’s almost two years overdue and millions over budget, but the Winnipeg police will finally move in to the new headquarters in the old Canada Post building on Graham Avenue Tuesday.

The police service was supposed to move from the crumbling Public Safety Building on Princess Street in January 2014, but many delays pushed that back. The project is also $75 million over budget.

There are still tradespeople running wires and finishing off various jobs related to life safety and security features for the building, but much of 630,000 square-foot facility is complete. When all the staff have made the move (estimated by next July), 1,200 people will work in the building.

The $214-million headquarters has a brand new communication centre that will include the 911 call operators, fitness facilities for officers that feature work-out equipment and basketball courts and a central processing unit for suspects and witnesses.

This is one big building.  The old Canada Post set-up had trucks driving up to the third floor.  The basement was big enough for semi trailers.  The police are going to have a lot of room.



I refer to it as the Black and Blue building.


The Pentagon is 6,500,000 square feet, making it one of the biggest buildings in the world.  The Pentagon is military central for the strongest superpower on the planet. Winnipeg police headquarters is 1/10 the size at 630,000 square feet, still a very large building. But Winnipeg does not have enemies with nukes or suicide bombers, at least not many of the latter.  New Police Headquarters will give the growing Winnipeg police service all kinds of room to stretch out and go after the petty criminals and North End thugs.



The Winnipeg Police Service believes the expanded facilities to process and interview prisoners will speed up turnaround times and get officers back on patrol.

“We are expecting that turnover to be so much quicker where members of the central processing unit will take that prisoner over. We’ll have officers back on the street that much quicker,” Const. Jason Michalyshen told reporters.

It’s hard to tell the new headquarters was once a mail-sorting facility. There are high ceilings, the colours are vibrant and there is light coming in from many windows.

“Lots of light! It’s just a brighter atmosphere and just a much nicer work environment than what we are used to, for sure,” said Michalyshen.

The remodeled building also houses a lobby for the public to access police services and the Police Museum, featuring equipment, uniforms and memorabilia from decades of policing Winnipeg streets.



The police believe there are a number of efficiencies they will get from the new HQ.

“We are taking, I believe, nine buildings from outside of the downtown area, taking our staff from those buildings and bringing them down here. So just the efficiencies of not having to drive to the districts, to the other areas,” Supt. Bruce Ormiston said.

The police service also lauds the close proximity of the Law Courts building and the Remand Centre as possible time-savers.

The renovations are more than $75 million over original estimates. Police belive they are now on budget for the rest of the final costs associated with construction, equipment and moving costs. A decision on exterior security features which may included concrete barriers or bollards has not been made yet.

New Wpg Police HQ , former Canad Post Bldg . Is said to have water leaking problems from this summers rain storms . Bar kives story . Aug 22 2014 / KEN GIGLIOTTI / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS


Winnipeg police are not only getting a new headquarters, they acquired a recon helicopter 4 years ago.


And just last week they unveiled their new armoured personnel carrier.


I guess they can use this beast to ram into gated Hell’s Angels fortifications. Even has a turret on top for a 50 calibre machine gun.

The Winnipeg police now have an air force, ground armour and their own mini Pentagon.  Anybody mention police militarization?


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Winnipeg Police Get $343,000 Toy for Christmas   Leave a comment

‘Militarizing police’: Winnipeg buys $343K armoured vehicle for officers


Police spokesman Const. Jason Michalyshen said the service’s tactical team performs some 200 search warrants every year, “many of which involve drugs and weapons, and can result in potentially volatile and dangerous situations for the officers and the community.”

An armoured vehicle will give those officers another tool in dealing with such incidents and will help keep them and their emergency response partners safe, he said.

Winnipeg police Supt. Gord Perrier said police “struggled with the decision” to purchase it and are aware of the militarization criticism.

“We’re dealing with operations and at the end of the day we have officers and members of the public that are put at great peril during those operations and putting a monetary value on life is very difficult.”

However, Cormier said he couldn’t think of any time in recent years that such a vehicle would have been helpful.

“Certainly an armoured vehicle of some sort will protect police officers while they are inside it, but at some point the police will have to engage with a person or persons that they are looking to apprehend,” he said. “So unless they’re prepared to remain inside the vehicle and use the gun ports to conduct an armed battle with someone or several people, I don’t see on a regular basis how that will be a great deal of use.”

Do the Winnipeg police really need this?  It’s not like we have barricaded serial killers ready to blast at cops with AK-47’s.


police charliex



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Bombs Away!   Leave a comment


Winnipeg police say the discovery of two suspicious packages in the city’s downtown, within hours of each other, do not appear to be related.

Donald Street from Portage to St. Mary avenues was closed to traffic for about an hour and police vehicles could be seen near the Cityplace shopping centre.  Winnipeg police said a package was delivered to a public prosecution office and at first, was thought to be suspicious.

More than 100 children were forced out of a provincial government employee daycare as police investigated, as was the City of Winnipeg’s 311 call centre.

Even when the 311 call centre isn’t evacuated, you have to wait forever to get a rep.

Police were out in full force. Since that bombing at a law office back in July they don’t take any chances.




Almost looked like a Coup d’état by the police chief Devon Clunis.





Fire department and bomb squad joined the party.




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Is Police Academy 8 being filmed in Winnipeg?   Leave a comment

Canadian Chopper Cops Broadcast Their Blow Job Conversation For All To Hear

Winnipeg Police helicopter flies over fire scene on Nairne Ave to refuel nearby – July 13,  2011   (JOE BRYKSA / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS)

Winnipeg Police helicopter flies over fire scene on Nairne Ave to refuel nearby – July 13, 2011 (JOE BRYKSA / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS)

On Monday night, Winnipeg’s skies were filled with the majestic sight of the northern lights and, apparently, the far less majestic sound of some cops talking about their sex lives.

Around 9:30 p.m. Monday, several Winnipeg residents reported hearing what was clearly meant to be a private conversation being broadcasted over the speaker of a police helicopter.

On Tuesday, the Winnipeg Police Service issued a statement to “sincerely apologize to all members of the public, especially those who overheard the broadcast.”

“On June 22, 2015, at approximately 9:30 p.m., members of the Winnipeg Police Service Helicopter AIR1, while on routine patrol, inadvertently activated the aircraft’s public address system. As a result, the flight crew’s conversation was publically broadcast; some content of the conversation was inappropriate.

The involved members were not able to hear the public address system from within the aircraft. They became aware their conversation had been broadcast and immediately turned the system off.”

The “incident” is now under review.




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Winnipeg Police Service Auxiliary Cadets Taking Care of Business   Leave a comment

The Winnipeg Police Cadets were introduced 4 years ago to help reduce public intoxication in the downtown Winnipeg area. And they have achieved that goal with incredible efficiency. Before the Cadets police foot patrols were non-existent in the downtown area.  Derelicts, vagrants and down and out people were staggering all over the downtown. High on booze, sniffing or whatever they could get their hands on, these people had to escape the harsh reality that was their world.  And when many of them got high, they got obnoxious and troublesome. But the situation wasn’t changing. Then the National Hockey League came back to Winnipeg. The Jets were back!

The Jets play in the middle of downtown in the MTS Centre arena. An area that was saturated with intoxicated derelicts. But the suburbanites were now going to be coming downtown en masse to watch the Jets. And we can’t let these middle-class citizens see drunken bums staggering around asking for money, could we? So the powers in control of the money interests downtown created SHED (the Sports, Hospitality and Entertainment District). This district would have to be cleaned up and fast.

SHED area, MTS Centre in the middle


Enter the Cadets. The Cadets have powers of arrest and enforcement of bylaws such as preventing aggressive panhandling and loitering etc. But the main mission of the cadets was to get the inebriates off the streets. Conducting foot and vehicle patrols, the cadets identify the problem individuals, take them into custody, then bring them to the infamous Winnipeg drunk tank at the Main Street Project facility on Henry Ave.  Word has it that the tank is a very disgusting and filthy place. Kept that way intentionally to deter inebriates from landing up there again and again. The SHED area now has zero tolerance for public drunkenness. Get drunk and stagger downtown, off to the drunk tank you go.

This is exactly what happened today in front of the MTS Centre. Two down and outers were swigging the cheap sherry on a bench. Trying to forget.


Not eating properly and leading very unhealthy lifestyles, it doesn’t take much rotgut sherry to waste these guys. They often become unable to walk. In comes the paramedics first to make sure these guys aren’t dying, then the cadets arrive for the short drive to the drunk tank.





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Taking a leisurely drive in the Navajo Nation   Leave a comment

Navajo Cops is a reality TV show that follows the activities of Navajo police officers on a huge Navajo reservation in Arizona.  On one episode the officers come across an impaired guy driving a completely wrecked car down the road. On the passenger side the tires were worn completely off down to the rims. It does appear the vehicle was involved in a major rollover. But the driver was going on his merry way although he did have injuries.


An officer spots a man driving a wrecked vehicle down the road and stops to investigate.









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